Universes, 2010 – 2011


The universe – galaxies, nebulas, astronomical anomalies – what could be more fascinating or more scary. With my universe series I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and not only create universes, but fill them with living things and sometimes document their creation myth. Like all living things, my universes have many sides, light vs dark, water vs oil, different materials play against each other, different realities feed into each other and make a cohesive unit.

As a side note I’m incorporating the idea of self-referencing work, pieces that footnote themselves in different ways. This idea has been rattling around my brain for a long time – It seems that everywhere we look, we have maps or images telling us where we are in reference to our surroundings. This is even more pronounced in terms of technology streaming information details while we view the ‘main event’. I use these footnotes for a variety of informational purposes, sometimes to describe something existing in the main piece, sometimes to describe the location of various things.